How Do You Throw Darts to Win?

 I've always liked to pick up darts and toss them about a bit, but it was never a big deal for me. At least until I got a dartboard and my friends and I got together to play a few rounds; now it's all we want to do, but I realized that I literally suck at it.

What are some good methods to win at darts? There have got to be a trick to it. I would like to be able to beat my friends next time, but my skills are nowhere near as good as theirs.

For help on dart throwing you should definitely look at this home page, and if you want to hang your dart board the professional way, as in pubs, you should view this page.


Five Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Which of the 5 Categories Would Your Dad Fall Into?

With Father's day right around the corner you still may be looking for that special gift for your dad. I have put together a brief list to try to inspire your search.

The Darts dad

If your dad is a darts fan than finding a gift should be as easy as tickets to the next darting event. If this isn't a feasible choice than decide which darts team is his favorite and begin there. A Harrows Darts tee-shirt, darts cap, beer mug, pennant, or jersey would be a great gift for most dads. If you can find an opportunity to get the item autographed this would make it extra special.

The Executive dad

If your dad is one who sits at his desk think of something that would brighten his day. Pick out a special picture frame and put a photo from your last vacation in it. A new business card holder or a map of the world could be interesting prospects for Father's day gifts.

Barbeque Expert

For the dad who is grilling on the weekends there are many suggestions for gift ideas. There are many new tongs, forks and spatulas with the huge wooden handles available that he would love. If your dad already has this then maybe a new grilling apron or book from his favorite chef would be a nice choice.

Drink Connoisseur

Does dad have a favorite beverage? Whether it is the local beer, a French wine, or a special whiskey, there are always ideas to be had here. Maybe a beer stein, shot glass, or mug for his drink of choice. A coffee table book about the topic is an idea.

Dad's with Game Rooms

Does dad have a game room that he spends time in with the guys? Are there pool tables, sticks, dart boards, darts, photos of his favorite players on the walls, or a video game area? Just think of the endless gift ideas for this area of dad's life. Anything for this room would have to be a hit.

There you have the 5 gift ideas for your special dad for this Father's day. Whether you get him a small or large gift the best one might not be available for purchase that would be spending time with you.